Wanjiku Kiarie is a dynamic, multi- passionate personal development enthusiast and Personal Development coach.

She is also the creator and host of the http://lifenpurpose.com/ podcast  , a space created for like minded people to learn, share, grow and evolve.  Wanjiku also enjoys hosting and moderating  conversations both in the corporate setting and in the personal development space.

Having been on a personal development and transformation journey for the last 8 years, with an aim to live and be the best version of myself, I am intentional about walking with others on a similar journey to unlock their full potential and show up as their best selves. That is my contribution in this word, what I hope will be my legacy. Through my podcast, I share my  learning, unlearning, mindfulness, and positive living experiences as well as host guests who  share their life stories and reflections of their own journeys. I also host other coaches and like minded professionals  in the personal development space to enrich the learning and transition towards a collective awakening  as a community.

I am a mom with a strong  belief in family values, intentionality and conscious parenting.  My parenting journey actually, is what kickstarted by personal development journey ……….

My career background is in International business management with a  focus on creating operational efficiencies in organizations.

Thank you for being here, and let us connect, share, learn and grow together.

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About the podcast

My podcast was birthed as a result of my journey into self-discovery. With the news that I was a soon to be parent, I began questioning myself and my ways a lot.

Did I really know myself; what makes me tick, why I do the things I do? What are my areas of development? What aspects are toxic? Are my values defined and do I live by them? I went deep into introspection mode and that 40 weeks’ journey was indeed a defining moment in my life. I got myself a life coach, read through plenty of books and resources, listened to videos, shared experiences and podcasts on growth, purpose and personal development. With time, my effort began to pay off as I saw changes in my life, towards being a better human.

I became a mum on June 14th, 2015 at 1.50 pm EAT, and with that first cry, I was also re-born!

Thankfully, my pregnancy journey was really smooth and I enjoyed every bit of it. I embraced it so much that I have a picture of every day I was expectant- a little extra I know. My joy was overflowing during those 40 weeks as I prepared to bring forth my little girl. I   resourced far and wide about parenthood but something deeper happened during this period, I went deeper into whether I was in the best position to bring forth and raise a child – a whole human being? I knew that I wanted to parent consciously, to provide an  environment that would enable the child to thrive and be the best version of themselves. So I dug deep and began the process of discovering who I was and areas that I needed to work on for myself.

I am a serial planner, who thinks through events to the letter and in great detail. Granted, this was going to be one of my greatest ‘events’ – transitioning into motherhood. I wasn’t going to take any chances and so I prepared – logistically, financially, emotionally, name it. Looking back,  I am so glad I did because this very journey revealed my purpose to me. As I shared my learnings within my circles, I began to get encouraged to document these teachings and since podcasts had been a big part of my journey it was an easy choice.  That is how the Lifenpurpose podcast was born.

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