Effective Board Meeting Strategies for Nonprofits

Board meetings are crucial for the success of a non-profit organization. However, it can be difficult to get productive discussions started. There are a few ways to help you improve your organization’s productivity.

Start with a Success Story

Begin your meeting by giving a a positive update. Board members will be pleased to know that the company is growing. This can be as simple as highlighting an achievement by staff or a board member. It could be as significant as an innovative source of funding or the launch an innovative program.

Use a Digital Solution

Using a portal for board members that has document management makes preparing and disseminating board documents easier. Searchable references also make it easier for attendees to locate relevant information during a discussion. It’s also www.boardroomhelp.org/notice-of-board-meeting-crafting-effective-notifications-for-successful-meetings less expensive to keep and distribute documents on board electronically rather than print and send them by mail.

Manage Time

It can take a long time to discuss board issues therefore it is important to keep the board meeting on course. Consider adding estimated discussion times to each item in the agenda, so you can cover all subjects.

Also, remember that the governing documents will determine how many members are required to have the quorum for a meeting. This knowledge will help you avoid having to debate trivial issues when there aren’t enough participants to keep the discussion going.

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