Buying and Selling Old Computers

Selling and buying old computers

If you’re planning to upgrade to the latest hardware, or simply need to dispose of your old one, it’s easy enough to sell it on eBay. There are other ways to make the most money for your old computer like buy-back online or trade-in sites.

PCSwaps for instance lets you sell or trade in your computer without any fees. The site will also assist you determine the current value of your components using the current market prices. Take multiple pictures of your hardware and describe it in detail, including any known defects or issues. You can also increase your sales potential by including software and other accessories such as a printer or monitor.

Craigslist is a different option. It’s easy to make profiles and place an advertisement. Beware of scammers and low-ball offers, as well as the time commitment required to manage the listing.

Selling your computer is unsettling because a person could gain access to your personal information, which could lead you to identity theft. Therefore, make sure you wipe down your computer and remove applications that are not used, especially ones that contain sensitive data, such as passwords or financial accounts. Also, you should erase any invisible backup files, which might contain identifying information.

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