Board Member Remote Voting

When it is a matter of board member remote voting, the fundamental rule is that any vote that is approved by a majority of all participants in a regular or special meeting (and excluding abstentions) is valid. This is the case, in the event that a statute, administrative code or by-law, board policy, or board policy states otherwise.

If your board has an established procedure for remote voting, it is important to examine it and ensure that the process is followed correctly. If you decide to allow remote voting in addition, you should ensure that the quorum requirement is met, and that the software for managing the board permits a safe, accurate and transparent voting.

In the past when a board voted to pass a motion, they would typically use ballots sent out in advance or record the results using a roll call. With the technological advancements and the need to run meetings remotely, it’s sensible to implement a virtual voting system that lets members express their decision quickly. MeetingPulse lets members to vote from anywhere with internet access. It is also easy to use and offers security for businesses.

No matter what method your board chooses the best way to make sure that all members feel at ease in their decision-making is to make them feel involved during discussions. This will help to increase participation and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard, reducing any chance of a member arguing against the final decision.

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